Better Than Yesterday

Man, if I could play like this :O

Food Experiment - Day #557

First some notes: The two drinks pictured, the pink one is mine and it’s some sort of strawberry flavoured soy milk as a smoothie style drink with grass jelly in it. Also the banana ice cream dessert was shared as was the plate of chips. The bowl of random meat is supposed to be 7 tacos that I ate but forgot to photograph. One of the trolli pizza candies I ate actually had six slices but I didn’t photograph that so I put two pictures of the five sliced ones. Oh, and the tankard is full of coke and one lemon’s worth of lemon juice. 

Now for the interesting part. As some of you guys may know, I start cheat day Friday nights now as to avoid staying up late on Saturday night. The first four photos which were the fried rice, the coke, the Lindt chocolate balls and the Cheezels were eaten that Friday night. The thing is though, I had cut and juiced a lemon and added it to the coke and in between my meals, I drank from it. The next day, I had expected to have gained a kilo since usually on cheat days I gain about two kilos. Splitting it, I usually gain one kilo one day and another kilo the next. Drinking the lemon juice while sipping on the coke actually allowed me to lose a bit of weight for Saturday morning. As you can see on the graph, it is not much, but considering how I should have gained a kilo, losing a couple hundred grams is actually significant if you consider the potential weight gain as a loss. I did try this during the Saturday but as you can see, I gained approximately 3 kilograms. This is most likely due to the multiple rice meals that I had. Do I regret having the rice meals? Not at all and I will explain the reason for this later. But the main point is, I tried having the lemon and coke but the trick is to have it before, during and after a meal. Some meals or snacks I didn’t drink the lemon and coke as frequently as I should have since I was full for that meal. As such, I did not consume it. A potential side effect though is some very odd gas. Almost painful gas. I sense it could be due to the acidic nature of the lemon juice. Whilst adding coke prevents it from burning and cutting up my throat, it does however upset my stomach a little. Or it could have been because I skulled down a tankard of it. I find having sips doesn’t affect me too much. 

It is a pretty useful trick and I plan on using it soon. I have decided that since I have to weigh in on Sundays from now until AUGs, I have decided to make my cheat day Mondays. I was originally planning to start it Sunday nights but this could be a problem as I usually stay up fairly late on the Friday to have a cheat day that goes on until Saturday night. So I figure I will have it on Monday nights. Also, I have Taekwondo on Monday nights but it is a more relaxed day so I do not mind. Poomsae is not a big issue. 

Finally, I have been trying this new daily push up routine sort of thing. The original thing was a pyramid set sort of thing where you alternate between push ups and arm raises. Essentially, you do one push up, then you get on your knees and essentially push up from your shoulders and reach for the sky. Then you do two push ups and then you get on your knees and punch the sky twice and so on until ten. Then you start from ten and go down to one and you do this three times a day. Of course, I am not that strong nor do I have that sort of endurance so I only manage up to ten and even so, I don’t do them completely. The trick is to not stop moving. If you can’t do the push up, then you do the sky punches as a substitute. I have decided to do these daily, except for Saturday which is cheat day. I may change this due to moving my cheat day to Monday but we shall see. 

Anyway, I have decided to record my progress with it and here is how I will do it:

[Set completed] -> [Number of push ups in next set completed] -> [Number reached]

So for example:
6 -> 4 -> 10 would mean that I did six sets, one push up then one sky punch then two then three then four then five then six. The next number means the number of push ups I did in the seventh set before replacing them with sky punches. Usually in other sets I will throw in the occasional push up at the start of the next set but I did not write them here since they are usually random and when I can. It also allows me to remove the pain from sky punches. The last number tells you what number set I got up to in total. At the moment, I am trying to keep it at 10 since I want my push ups to catch up before I start going down the pyramid. So here’s how I’ve been going. 

Thursday: 6 -> 2 -> 10
Friday: 6 -> 4 -> 10
Sunday: 6 -> 5 -> 10

And yeah, that’s about it. I noticed today though that my pec definition was pretty good on Sunday. I went to training and some guy pointed out how defined they looked and even before then I noticed how it was very defined through my shirt, even before I started sweating and having it cling to my body. I felt like an absolute tank. But yes, it is painful to do the pyramid set, but it leaves me feeling pretty good about myself. I feel strong and I look strong. At least while the water from the carb up is in my body. I know I will start looking flat once the water leaves my body. 

Speaking of water loss, I have to be in weight by this Friday. I have to be 87kg on the scales at Monash. I am currently at 88.6kg on the scale at home and about 89.7 on the Monash scale. Clearly the Monash scale adds about a kilo compared to the scale at my places so essentially, I need to lose just over two kilos this week. It should be interesting. I will need to push myself pretty hard to get myself into weight. But hopefully I can do it. I will need to lose a little over that actually so that I can eat breakfast and go to training and not have to worry about being over weight. A few people at the club are overweight but we shall see. 

Anyway, it’s late and I should sleep. Try to lose all that body fat of mine for weigh ins. Also for the toga party that we will be having at AUGs. Gotta look shredded in those togas. Will keep you guys posted.

Mind Blown - Assassin’s Creed

So I recently watched the DLC for Assassin’s Creed revelations and discovered something shocking. I’m going to warn whoever is reading right now that intends to play the DLC to not read this. But here it goes…

Lucy was part of the Templar order! She was apparently recruited by the Assassin’s and left alone so that they wouldn’t not trace her ties to the Assassins. But of course, they did and ended up convincing her to join them. She apparently was tasked to let Subject 16 aka Clay Kaczmarek infiltrate Abstergo and collect information on them. Also apparently Lucy was trying to convince Clay to join the templars but failed. Juno apparently showed Clay the truth and how Lucy was a traitor and so Lucy found out and trapped Clay inside the program. The reason Juno showed Clay the truth was because she wanted him to guide Desmond through and to obviously eventually save Juno. This all suddenly makes sense. Why Juno made Desmond stab Lucy, why Clay was so happy that Lucy was stabbed, all these things are suddenly clear. 

I’m really glad I saw that DLC. I wish someone would make videos of all the secrets in Assassin’s Creed. Love the franchise. 

Fifty Shades of Frozen :3


I don’t know why some people get so up in arms about things that don’t even affect them in the slightest way. What I’m talking about here is my diet. It seems that every fucking person seems to have a fucking opinion. I have these anorexic guys who’ve never had to worry about being fat trying to tell me what to do or how to lose weight, I have people who have are telling me what I’m doing is stupid without having any proof or evidence to back up their claims, I have people getting mad at me because I don’t want to eat the carbohydrate loaded food that they are having. Seriously, all these things do not affect you. Everyone makes it seem like it’s such a burden on them that I can’t eat carbs or that it makes their life so hard that I can’t eat what they are eating. It pisses me off because I already know how hard it is. I already know how tough it is to have a diet that has no carbs. I can imagine that if anyone tried to last a week that they would break down and start trying to find excuses to eat carbs again. I bet you they would get mad at me for pointing out that it is a carb too. 

Sometimes, there are people who support what I am doing. I once went to a dinner and specified no carbs and they provided that. Though I did have to tell them that I was allergic to carbohydrates. Yeah, perhaps I should do that more often. Also once when all these people were telling me what an absolutely shitty idea it was and how crazy  I was and what not, one of the people told me that they didn’t think I was crazy and that they wished me the best. It almost took away the pain that I was feeling that night. 

People are absolutely ridiculous though. One of the worst things that I have to deal with is specifying on dietary requirements that I cannot have carbs and they just take it as a joke or see it as too much of a burden. Like I don’t know it is a burden. But if it is all I can eat, then do not take my money and then say you used it to buy everyone food but me. Honestly, this is something I am really concerned about. I don’t want to go to Sydney and then have to eat carbs and then face weigh in only to find out that I’ve been disqualified because I ate carbs and then put on all this weight. Last time I went somewhere with the Taekwondo people I wrote no carbs and they all just thought I was trolling. Instead of asking me, they waited until the night before camp to ask me and then told me that it was too late and that they had already purchased everything. 

Recently though, I was invited to a college dinner. They sent an email saying that if you had any dietary requirements at all, we just had to specify and they would be happy to accommodate it. I wrote in that I couldn’t have carbs. The reply I got was less than accommodating. 

"Cool, don’t eat the steamed rice. We’re doing Korean theme food. I should also say dietary requirements and preferences are two different things."

Maybe they are two different things to you, but to me, they are one in the same. If someone was religious and believed in not eating beef, would you consider that a preference? I mean, they believe in not eating beef and I believe in not eating carbs. What is the real difference there? I mean, religion is a choice too is it not? You choose what religion to follow and how to practice it? What about halal? If someone requested halal meat, would you tell them to just eat the rice? If someone was Muslim and couldn’t eat pork. Then what? Would you tell them to bring their own food? Would you tell them to break their religion for the night? 

Of course not!

Then why would you do it to me. Why would you have me go to the effort of specifying a requirement and then tell me that my belief is not valid and that you would not at least try to accommodate. 

To be fair, this is a free thing. I do not have to pay. But I am paying with my time. Every single dinner is Asian themed. Asian food is like the epitome of carbs. Perhaps Italian food is the only one that is more carb filled. I don’t know., The hardest part about dieting for me is not the fact that I am so restricted in meals. Quite the contrary. My mum is an excellent cook who is about to vary things quite well. The hard part is not being able to eat with friends, not being able to share food, not being able to do all these things that friends do. I know my friends won’t stop being friends with me because of my beliefs, but I know it annoys them. I’m sure it annoys everyone.

But yeah. I just wish people would respect my decision more you know? Life is already hard for me, I don’t need you guys making it harder.

“Because lying to your kids about sex helps nobody. Telling them that sex is “only between mommies and daddies” is a lie that leads to confused, hormone charged teenagers. Telling them that sex is “only something that happens when two people love each other very much” is a lie that causes hormone charged teenagers to confuse “love” with “lust,” or “obsession.” It leads to leaps of logic like, “If I have sex with them, we must be in love.” Or worse- “If I love them, I have to have sex with them.” And how many teenage tragedies are based on that misconception?”
— Lea Grover, "We Don’t Play With Our Vulvas At The Table" (via themindislimitless)

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Food Experiment - Day #552

So here’s what I ate. The cookies and cream flavoured sundae from Hungry Jacks was shared with my girlfriend as was the Dessert Story mousse. The green tea mochi also had 6 pieces and I ate 4, the other two I had given to my siblings.

Weight loss is still what I expected. It’s still been stuck like this and I think it may be due to my choice of breakfast item. It occurred to me today that it could be sausages that is what caused the increase in weight. If this is the case, then I will find out soon. I’ve been told that I need to be under 87kg by the 22nd of August, which is doable, but yes, it will require me to move my cheat day. Weigh ins are Sundays and as such, I’ve decided that starting next week, cheat day will occur on Sunday night until Monday night.

I will also start changing my breakfast to bacon and eggs. Should this cause my weight to drop, it will confirm what I had suspected. Lately I’ve been telling myself that it’s just a phase but it has been a month and it hasn’t dropped. Now that I think about it, I was watching my weight when I started eating sausages for breakfast. Weigh gain didn’t really occur but it was more of a slow increase. It goes to show how important diet is. A small change in diet over time can cause weight gain. Despite this, it has also allowed me to put on some muscle. As such, after the competition, I shall go back to sausages. Yes, it causes some weight gain but it allows my body enough nutrients to build muscle.

That is all for now. I will post how things go as things change.

Food Experiment - Day #547

Totally put off writing this for too long.

Notes: I didn’t finish all those beans in the jug, there is rice with that meat in the bowl, I didn’t finish the shapes, I shared the ice cream with my girlfriend, I had fried rice instead of white with my meal and I shared the mochi with my siblings.

Weight: Weight has been stuck at 85 for a while. Not sure why I gained the 2 kilos. Perhaps it’s muscle, who knows. On the flip side, my jeans are starting to get a bit loose and not form fitting so I’m going to have to start doing leg work outs too.

Other than that, I guess just blindly do whatever and hope for the best.

Guardians of the Galaxy (No Spoilers)

So I just went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with Orion and I must say, it was amazing. I went in with no knowledge of who they were or anything. Honestly, I only knew that it was funny from some youtubers who saw it and man, it had me laughing throughout the movie. There was action, there was comedy and there was even small doses of the feels. Overall it was definitely a good movie. A lot of people have told me that it is their new favourite movie and to be honest, I feel like it is my favourite movie too. Honestly it had a formula to it that would be amazing for any movie. Marvel studios did well. Even the credits were hilarious and I highly recommend that you read some of them. Here’s an example: Xanthian ladies man - Stan Lee. Now that I think about it, he did appear in this movie as he usually does. Thought they did those credits as a joke.

To be honest, I don’t know the back story of any of these characters and I feel like it didn’t matter. It was a good movie, though granted they did introduce an unfamiliar concept to me but I had heard of them before. Luckily I had seen the video referencing it. It was a video of speculation and for the record guys, it does tie in with the other marvel movies. It is amazing. One day when they’re all made I will marathon them. One day.